CommonMark seems suitable for Diary and Note-taking

I use GhostWriter and Visual Studio Code to edit CommonMark with live preview.

When I write Diary, I just want to focus on writing simple text.
When I take notes, I don’t want to be distracted by complex constructs.

In both cases, complexity gets in the way of promptly pouring my thoughts onto a document.

I have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to bypass evernote’s lack of deep hierarchy.
I could replace evernote with CommonMark on deep local file system hierarchy.

I considered asciidoc. But, I doubt that asciidoc would be better than CommonMark for quickly capturing ideas.
Did anyone use asciidoc and CommonMark for note-taking or journaling?

I use CommonMark for journaling and taking notes.

One possibility is Versatil Markdown (which I author) - it works with local files. It has a feature called Sparks, which will create a timestamped entry in a “sparks file”. I use this for journaling notes and ideas throughout the day.