Code span with leading newline

Consider the ASCII string: 60 0A 20 60


I’m reading the CommonMark Spec, trying to understand what it calls for in this case.

  • First, line endings are converted to spaces.
  • If the resulting string both begins and ends with a space character, but does not consist entirely of space characters, a single space character is removed from the front and back. This allows you to include code that begins or ends with backtick characters, which must be separated by whitespace from the opening or closing backtick strings.

This sounds like it implies that it should convert the string to 60 20 20 60, then, seeing that the string consists entirely of spaces, leave them alone.

However, markdown-it is the only implementation I know of that actually does this.

commonmark-hs commonmark.js, Goldmark (Hugo), and GitHub all write one space. Why?