Cmark skipping a letter (bug)

When the following commonmark file is parsed and output, the “Repeatedly” word on line 5 has the “R” missing.

By taking it apart

- alternative solutions
Repeatedly solving
- how techniques

IMPORTANT! the two blank lines surrounding the “Repeatedly” line contains a TAB each.

(BTW, sounds funny you cannot upload a .md file to this forum :slight_smile: )

If I delete the tab above (line 4) everything works as expected.

To reproduce: save the above 7 lines in a file then run cmark.exe

Windows 7 64 bits, cmark version 0.24.1 (from github, not sure the exact commit I downloaded on March 14).

Thanks for looking!

The file is here

Thanks! This kind of bug report should ideally go on the github tracker instead.
Can you try with the current dev version from jgm/cmark? I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem with that version, and I see that there have been a number of patches improving handling of tabs since the 0.24.1 release. (Perhaps another release is due soon!)

Unless you can repro with the this really should not be opened or even posted… does it repro there?

Dingus runs commonmark.js. This is about cmark, the C implementation.

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Maybe we should offer a classic server side rendering mode to test the C version in public a bit better?

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Happens also in 0.25.1
Opened in bug tracker.
Nice idea to have also cmark online, but it is maybe simpler to put on the home page the link not only to the GITHUB repository, but also to the frozen version.

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Thanks for the bug report. It is fixed now in the dev version.

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