Blockquotes - whitespace after `>`



In the spec it is mentioned that a blockquote doesn’t require a whitespace between the blockquote character > and the content of the blockquote (example 193).

Firstly, it makes a small inconsistency with Heading ATX that require a space (example 33).

Secondly, we come across a collision with textual smileys. For example, the smiley >_< are not parsed like a smiley but like a blockquote with the current commonMark spec.

So, the question is, this will be harmonized ?




I’m afraid there’s a lot of existing content out there
that would be broken if we required a space (though
aesthetically I’d be glad to do that).


That’s what I think …
Maybe in a major update (that include breaking changes).


“Commonmark Strict: how Markdown editors should write text markup”, a proper subset of the more permissive Commonmark 1.0


This would be a good rule to add to a style guide for CommonMark. You could potentially run an auto-fixer on existing CommonMark documents to enforce the rule.