Are polls helpful?


I have added polls to some topics in order to gather more quantitative than qualitative feedback on extension ideas or implementation quirks. Is this a good idea? Am I overdoing it with too many questions? Am I providing too little context?


You need to include some “none of these” and “other” options for the radio polls.

Checkbox polls don’t appear to allow empty submission either, which is somewhat problematic, so a “none of these” option could potentially be somewhat helpful.


I tried to make the options cover all cases for single-select questions. Where exactly did you miss a none of these option?

Multiple-selects have an optional min attribute, but while you can leave it out altogether, which is what I did in the end, you cannot set it to 0. I thought they would support empty submissions this way because it makes no sense to be able to tick some specific answer together with none of these.