Are hierarchical bibliographies possible?

I’ve tried


but that’s only useful for the editor, since it doesn’t change anything for the reader.

Do you mean as a syntax extension that could also somehow be used in output formats?

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No, @Crissov, I merely mean to ask whether the specification defines a way to add hierarchy to a bibliographic citation — they are rendered as mere HTML lists, after all, so I’m surprised that something like

1.	## **Body**

	Placeholder text. [^Placeholder_1] [^Placeholder_2] [^Placeholder_3] [^Placeholder_4]

1.	## **Bibliography **

	1.	[^Placeholder_1]: Placeholder
	1.	[^Placeholder_2]: Placeholder

		1.	[^Placeholder_3]: Placeholder
		1.	[^Placeholder_4]: Placeholder

doesn’t appear to render whatsoever how one might expect in CommonMark-adherent applications, like VSCode:


Commonmark does not have support for bibliographic citations. That is why I asked about extensions. I have seen that caret syntax before, but without further research I do not remember which implementations are using that.

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Thanks, @Crissov. I’ve been using what Implement `citations` extension · Issue #15 · jgm/commonmark-hs · GitHub describes. VSCode supports it by default, so I merely expected that it was part of CommonMark consequently, since adherence comes up so frequently in discussions on its GitHub. Apologies.