Anchors in markdown


It would be nice to see progress with autogenerated ancors, but with security considerations in mind.

As i explained earlier, it’s not safe to generate ID-s/name-s without prefixes (when value can become equal to window.<anything> in browser). And it would be very inconvenient for developers if such problem will be ignored in spec.


Perhaps the spec could include a default prefix, e.g. # My Header {#id-of-header} becomes <h1 id="commonmark-id-of-header">My Header</h1>.


That’s completely different thing. Manual direct access to id/classes/attrs manipulation is unsafe almost as html use. And it should be disabled for unsafe input if you don’t wish to use sanitizers.

Here i speak only about autogenerated header ids, this use case is specific.


If my point about scopes is right, then this is the responsibility of the embedding scope to address.


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