An interesting project: Markdown driven task runner


  1. I would like to publish the project maid … I found this project very interesting maid
  2. What is a maidfile?
    A maidfile is where you define tasks, in Markdown!
  3. Have you guys heard about the maid project?

## lint

It uses ESLint to ensure code quality.

eslint --fix

## build

Build our main app

<!-- Following line is a maid command for running task -->

Run task `build:demo` after this

# note that you can directly call binaries inside node_modules/.bin
# just like how `npm scripts` works
babel src -d lib


You can use JavaScript to write to task script too!

const webpack = require('webpack')

// Async task should return a Promise
module.exports = () =>
  new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    const compiler = webpack(require('./webpack.config')), stats) => {
      if (err) return reject(err)


  1. I would like to share here this amazing project that uses Markdown
  2. I’m not being paid, I just found the project proposal interesting
  3. Could this be an extension of Commonmark?