A chinese version tutorial is up (全中文版的教程已经上线)


welcome to http://commonmark.cn/help/ or http://commonmark.cn/help/tutorial/

欢迎试用 http://commonmark.cn/helphttp://commonmark.cn/help/tutorial/


Hey great! Thanks for translating this!

I think the text is more or less complete, for a while…



Chinese version of the tutorial of some sample text using a famous ancient Chinese philosophy book “I Ching” and “Laozi Daodejingl” in the text, in the learning process, not only to learn the essence of CommonMark, you can also experience some of the ancient philosophy of technology Inspiration personnel.


Great work! There are so many Chinese learning Markdown without a good tutorial or practicing. It will be a shame not to spread the words. I’ll write a blog to link your work.

@codinghorror It’s not easy to understand the text. Though it’s still easy to manipulate the text while learning. I hope CommonMark site can be internationalized someday!


@codinghorror While this is great, the tutorial does not cover some of the idiosyncrasies of commonmark when used with CJK. For example in this issue:

W.r.t. current spec, a space or latin punchuation mark has to follow inline markers. This causes CJK sentences to have extra space.