2019 commonmark - state of the union


This topic is thought as a request by a new (commonmark)-user to find out about the state of the implementation.

As I understand the webpage the spec for commonmark is pretty stable (even though the commonmark python project is not yet 1.0)

I see that you have done a really great work to make the markdown syntax much more approachable for humans and pcs.

My main question is about the state of the extension modules. I was not able to see if there is a specification for that. Also if there are modules implemented or planned to be used.

Is there a list apps that support commonmark or an initiative to motivate implementers to include commonmark to their app?

Please feel free to refer me (and others that are looking for this) to the already written threads.




The spec has been fairly stable, in the sense that there haven’t been changes for over a year. However, there will be some changes coming up. I don’t anticipate very big changes, but there are some things that still need tweaking.

There is no official specification for extensions. GitHub’s modified version of cmark (cmark-gfm) has an extension mechanism (based on the work of Mathieu Duponchelle) and they support several popular extensions. In the JavaScript world, markdown-it is a commonmark implementation with quite a few extensions.

There are lists of implementations and applications that support commonmark. And of course GitHub’s adoption of commonmark is worth mentioning.