Wikifeat: wiki-like system that uses Commonmark

Thought I’d share a little project I’m working on – Wikifeat:

Wikifeat is a collaboration system that uses markdown/Commonmark as its markup language (as opposed to something like wikitext, which I dislike).

The backend is written in go and uses cmark (wrapped using go-commonmark), while the frontend uses commonmark.js for rendering ‘previews.’

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I wondered how you treat links to other wiki pages. The current demo of Wikifeat seems to not support easy linking by name. I expected some simple links such as [Some page] automatically link to en existing or new page with title “Some page”.

@nichtich - Yes, easy internal linking is definitely on the todo list.

@rhinoman if you implement an easy internal linking system, it’d be great (from my point of view) if you posted a status update here :- ) I’m also developing a wiki like application (see my profile) and I’m interested in ideas about how to link internally.

Why reinvent a syntax when one is already established?


works in both MediaWiki (Wikipedia) and gollum (GitHub). I suggest sticking with that, unless a substantially better alternative is proposed.

Somewhat related.

I like the Gitit syntax which overrides normal Markdown link syntax by making empty URLs become wikilinks. Related discussion.

I made a complete ass of myself in the last reply. My mistake stemmed from the fact that I had independently arrived at a similar syntax in my project, albeit with a slight variation: wiki-style links have empty link text rather than empty link.

I believe, however, that gitit’s author was similarly guided by his reluctance at introducing the required changes to the parser (I wasn’t sufficiently familiar with CommonMark.NET’s underpinnings at the time). IMHO such motivation shouldn’t apply to this discussion.

@KajMagnus, that project of yours looks excellent!

I’m starting to look at the internal linking now. Hopefully I can come up with something decent. :slightly_smiling: