Task Lists in Standard Markdown?

How do task lists fit into the world of CommonMark?

Not necessarily task lists, i’d call them checkboxes. - [ ] and * [ ] render as checkboxes in GFM, this has other uses than task lists. Will this be part of the spec?

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Stuff like tables and task lists are definitely interesting, but we wanted to focus on the core of Markdown first.

It’s reasonable to expect some extensions to the core Markdown depending on what site you are on, but the basics should be consistent, first.

(Note that fenced code blocks were added to core, the only significant addition we made. This is intentional.)

Ok. I guess we need an easy way to do extensions then and that’s a different topic.


Well, since “Standard Markdown” is only supposed to be the specification (and reference implementation) of the core set, I guess you mean that we need a good Markdown implementation that offers extensibility.

I think checkboxes are actually rather hard to support in a standardized markdown. They’re not useful if they’re just checkboxes, toggleable freely; they’re useful in GitHub because toggling them in the formatted view is treated like a source edit. That requires asynchronous editting controls and support back on the server, which is far more than you can ask of a Markdown->HTML converter.

This is one of those things that will forever remain an extension, I believe.


Is there a way to see who edited my post? I don’t like that random people are changing my words.

Yes, just click the edit pencil icon at the top right of your post. It is by the date. The more recent the edit, the redder the pencil will be.