Standard Markdown is now Common Markdown

In case anybody is just reading the forum and not keeping up with outside news:

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Man, I hope Gruber is fine with this… else, “strict Markdown” is not too bad.

What did it take to make the ‘Common’ stick in ‘Common Lisp’ ?

The skills, resources and kudos of the American National Standards Institute …

Perhaps pulling down the Jolly Roger and hoisting an adjusted flag will prove enough to reassure, but the critical thing will not be the flag or the spec, but the building of confidence and consensus.

That is not a technical task – it takes human skills – and this ship may need a change of of owners and captain if others are not to flee or attack at the sight of it.

I fear Dr Drang may be right – the nature, composition, and balance of forces within this process may not be able to produce much more than YAMF Yet Another Markdown Flavor.

( The handling of fenced code-blocks does seem expressive )


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