Spec rendered HTML switch

It is hard to read http://spec.commonmark.org/0.25/#loose without rendered HTML. Is it possible to add rendered HTML there? Maybe as web components?

Note that you can click the “interact” link on each example and see the original source plus a rendered version. (This also allows you to play around with it.)

That red sign looks like some kind of error or warning, but not like a link or some actionable button. To make it more intuitive, it could be renamed to (run) or (demo), aligned at right border and had some neutral color and probably gray background.

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I agree with this and I think it’s a smart request. I’ve submitted a pull request to make that (interact) thing more button-like – and as a bonus, it is more consistent with http://commonmark.org/help as well!

This has been merged, and it will appear in the next release of the spec.