New features? colorizing?

something that I miss in the current implementation is colorizing of fonts and font background. i understand that it is beyond the original idea but I find it very useful in other editors. however those other editors are usually overkill and I definitely do not want to do this in html directly.

my usual use case is for documenting test results. for example, I may have some text where i describe the test and include some colored identifiers.

then I will typically have an sql query that uses those identifiers and some output with some identifiers.

colorizing makes test inspections easier. i really like the light weight nature of markdown.

i am wondering if I am missing something. thanks

See Consistent Attribute Syntax. If this extension is adopted, you could add a CSS class for rendering text in a different colour or font style.

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thanks Chris. that sounds like it solves several feature requests that could come up.