Naming of h1-6 should be "headings" not "headers", per W3C

W3C term for h1-6 is “headings”:
W3C comparing and contrasting “headings” vs “headers”: "The header element typically contains the headings for a section (an h1-h6 element or hgroup element)"
These match the common understanding of the terms also:

  • header: anything at the top (often menus, decorative pictures, logo, and other non-text, non-descriptive things)
  • heading: text describing what’s underneath, how h1-6 are actually used

Please make this terminology correct as part of the awesome CommonMark effort!



The terminology for stress emphasis and strong importance is also different.

This makes sense. The “headers” terminology comes from John Gruber’s Markdown syntax description, but I agree that one might well think a header was something else.

I have renamed Header -> Heading in spec and reference implementations.