Issues we MUST resolve before 1.0 release [8 remaining]



GitHub Pages used to use kramdown, but now it follows CommonMark.

FYI: GitHub Pages still uses kramdown. GitHub uses CommonMark (with GitHub Flavored Markdown extensions) for READMEs and markdown rendered on GitHub itself (but not for GitHub Pages). Sorry if this sounds confusing.


You’re right. I was misremembering the time they switched to kramdown.


From @notriddle’s link:

GitHub-flavored Markdown is supported by kramdown by default, so you can use Markdown with GitHub Pages the same way you use Markdown on GitHub.

In other words you can use CommonMark with GitHub Pages the same way you use it on GitHub.

And yes, even kramdown supports CommonMark. Does that mean we get to add kramdown’s numbers to CommonMark’s?

That’s a rhetorical question, so please don’t answer. This debate is starting to get silly, and sounding like national politics. Let’s get back to progress with CommonMark, whether that’s nailing 1.0 first or declaring it done, we need to move on to 1.1 asap. We need to move to head off even more fragmentation.


JFTR, Kramdown’s GFM mode for Jekyll (which is what GitHub Pages is build upon) does not conform to Commonmark and probably never will. If I’m not confusing things again, GitHub uses commonmarker for .md file previews but cmark-gfm for READMEs.