Horizontal rule vs list item: interpretation precedence

Section 4.1 of version 0.15 says:

When both a horizontal rule and a list item are possible interpretations of a line, the horizontal rule is preferred

      * Foo
      * * *
      * Bar

Can “is preferred” be strengthened to “takes precedence”?

The word “preferred” suggests this is optional behaviour, and a conforming processor does not have to do this.

Done (also in two other instances of “is preferred”).

+++ Hoylen Sue [Jan 03 15 01:13 ]:

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The other instances I saw were about HTML generation, so I was less concerned about them. Since 1.3 says “this document describes how Markdown is to be parsed into an abstract syntax tree” and therefore doesn’t need to (and is not supposed to) be definitive about any HTML that may or may not be generated.