Extensions for publishing magazines and similar publications

I’d just like point you to several Markdown extensions added at Rhythmus to support creation of beautiful printed and online magazines from one source. A quote from their article “Beautiful on all devices (including paper)”:

With our Markdown extensions, adding a subtitle is as easy as adding a line starting with a colon (:). The pen symbol (:black_nib:) indicates that the line contains the article’s author(s), optionally followed by their :twitter: @username, from which a clickable link will be created automatically. When the article needs an intro text, the first paragraph gets a summary symbol (∑), while prepending a paragraph with a bold quote mark (❝), will turn it into a a pull-quote. We are still adding many more element classes, like mathematical equations, image galleries, slide-shows and interactive graphics.

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I find their index.md format more interesting and promising than using non-ASCII characters for markup. Is there a more detailed description available?

Also, I’m now wondering whether I would consider a subtitle a caption to the title, so that colon : lines could be used for tables, image figures and headings alike.

It would be useful to pick out particular elements of Rhythmus’ Markdown extensions to consider as CommonMark extensions and make separate topics to discuss these on a case by case basis. Some may be generic enough for considerations, but others may be too specific or the syntax may clash with other proposals.

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