Changes in the presentation of the spec

I’ve made a few changes in the way the spec is presented:

  1. The spec is now being served at (previously that URL just redirected to another site).
  2. The spec is now versioned, and going forward we will keep all versions up on the site. This means that you may link to sections in the spec, and the links should continue to work even when a new version of the spec comes out. The main URL will redirect you to the latest version.
  3. All of the examples are now links, so if you want to link to a particular example, you can click on its name (“Example 43”) and copy the URL in the address bar.
  4. Each example now has a red “(interactive)” link next to it, which will open the contents of the example in the live dingus, so you can play with it.
  5. The JavaScript dingus is currently at will redirect you there, as before. I have added “clear” and “permalink” buttons to make it possible to create links to a particular example on the dingus.
  • could you add dates to list of versions?
  • on that page it would be useful to have link to main site and link to github

Nice feature :slight_smile: . Big URL-encoded text links sometime become broken in github postings. I’ve tryed those, then replaced with base64.

Timing info will be better somewhere in right corner, small gray text. That’s a secondary info, if dingus is not performance test. Now attracts too much of attention.

+++ Vitaly Puzrin [Oct 27 14 23:51 ]:

Nice feature :slight_smile: .

I got the idea from yours, of course!

No prob. I’ve just hogged borrowed ast debug tab from your one :stuck_out_tongue: