Breaking an URL into multiple lines

When commenting my code (using Doxygen), one problem that I encounter sometimes is that when I put a link in the comments, it has lots of characters, therefore requiring a line that contains more characters than what should be (eg. more than 80 columns). For example:

[Boost Informational Macros][1]


This is not a dramatic problem. But a convention used where I work is that lines of codes do not take up more than 120 lines. Therefore, I would like to spread the URL on multiple lines. The workaround is to use plain HTML, which is really not readable in plain text.

I am wondering whether the specification permits such “feature” (I did not see any explicit mention regarding this case when looking at the spec, but I may have missed it)? If not, wouldn’t it make sense to have one?

I believe it would be useful, as that allows someone to see the whole URL in plain text without having to scroll, or enable word-wrapping in the editor used.

There had been discussion about shortened urls support (as in expandable schemas), but for such urls I’m afraid it is not going to work anyway… (I’d complain with boost about tinyurls).