ANN: My CommonMark book, some queries, and a wishlist

I saw an announcement on StackOverFlow that they are switching over to CommonMark. I read the spec and decided to write a book on CommonMark. It is not free but is cheap as chips.
The cover is designed like a CommonMark reference card. Anyone can download it for free without the cover.

Download?: The script can be downloaded and used by anyone on the command line. It is not possible to run the C source code like that. I could not find a binary executable that can be used straightaway. I now offer Windows and Linux executable downloads on my site.

Build instructions in readme: The Windows executable can be built from Linux. However, the information for changing the install directory has not been provided.

make clean
make mingw MINGW_INSTALLDIR="/home/name/CommonMark/windows-bin"

My wishlist for consideration by the developers: How about letting markdown users provide HTML attributes along side markdown in a way that does not distract from the plain text flow. Something like:

## Heading 2   { id="id_name" class="class_name" style="style_name" }
[Link Text]( "title text" { id="id_name" class="class_name" style="style_name" })
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