Adding citation (with URL) to quote to make fact-checking easier?

I’m a newbie so apologies in advance if this isn’t the correct location to flag this. I searched Google,, &, but haven’t found anything yet.

Citing a URL in addition to just a name or article title means readers can easily check your source & read further if they choose (I assume it’s also better for SEO).

On phpBB forums, the following BBCode will put a link into the citation:

[quote="In [url=]First Post[/url], Bob"]

On WordPress, the following HTML effectively does the same thing:

<blockquote><cite><a href="">First Post</a>, Bob</cite>
Hello this is my quote.

The screenshot below shows examples of how they render on my forum & blog:

But I don’t know of any way to do this with CommonMark (or Discourse) :confused:

> In [First Post](, Bob

I don’t think it’s good style to put the attribution inside the blockquote, though.


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Hm, I guess an extension to Commonmark could treat the first and last paragraph inside a bird track quote as a citation if it follows a certain pattern.

> citation that ends with a colon:
> quote

> quote
> -- citation in footer introduced by two hyphen-minus characters

Slightly modifying Crissov’s proposal, this inline syntax could add a <cite> span anywhere:

[--Citation text]

<cite>Citation text</cite>

The entire citation could become a link as well:

[--Citation text that is also a link](

<cite><a href="">Citation text that is also a link</a></cite>