Add comment feature?

The screenwriting version of Markdown called Fountain

includes two features that I’ve always liked.

One called Notes and the other called Boneyard.

If you want to insert a Note (what programmers would call a comment) that will be totally ignored during conversion, one uses

[[ note or comment here ]]

If you want a section to be totally ignored, then we use boneyard, in which case, anything between /* and */ will be ignored, even if its whole pages of info.

I’m aware that it’s possible to use <-- --!> to accomplish something like it when using pandoc, but that text is still visible when viewing source, I believe.

Writers collaborating or making notes to themselves don’t want their notes in the final presentation product.

Just a thought.


Hi @Rick, this looks like a duplicate topic. There is a discussion about how comments should be implemented (if at all) over in the Method for comments, especially multiline topic.

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Sorry. Could swear I searched on comment. Maybe I thumboed a typo.